Fortify Your Automobiles With Automotive Lubricants

Fortify Your Automobiles With Automotive Lubricants

An Automotive lubricant is a fluid substance used to lower the friction level between the surfaces. It is one of the lubricants that prevent the automobile from wear and tear, corrosion, and whatnot. If you wanna buy high-quality Automotive Lubricants, ADOLF7  Automotive Industries Pvt. Ltd., one of the trustworthy Automotive Lubricant Manufacturers in Delhi is here to serve you the best.

We have a house manufacturing unit with cut-edge tools. We bring up all the complete information about this lubricant that helps you to know more.

Main Components Of Automotive Lubricants:

  • Base Oil: The base oil is a compound that compromises mineral or synthetic oil.
  • Thickener: The second component thickener consists of metallic soap with lithium, polyurea, calcium, sodium, or clay.
  • Additives: Additives help the automotive lubricants to work appropriately and perform several functions other than the lubrication one.

Benefits Of Using Automotive Lubricant:

  • Protect From Rust: It helps in keeping the water out and prevents the automobile from corrosion.
  • Keep Your Engine Clean: It maintains cleanliness within your engine. It makes your automobile free from dust particles and other contamination
  • Resistance To Friction: It has a friction-free feature that prevents the device from friction by developing an oil film between the two surfaces. And offer long-lasting resistance against friction.
  • Lessen The Noise: Automotive Lubricants reduce the noise that comes out of the engine after some time. It reduces the humming sound coming out of it.
  • Prevent Wear And Tear: It helps to prevent wear and tear, enhance the functioning of your device and prevent it from being damaged.

Types Of Automotive Lubricant:

Automotive Lubricants are general categories into five basic types they are listed below:

  • General Purpose Automotive Lubricant: GP Automotive Lubricant is for various purposes that are for both industrial and domestic uses.
  • Molybdenum (Moly) Automotive Lubricant: Moly Automotive Lubricant offers maximum resistance against friction. It is an excellent lubricant for the disc brake wheel bearings.
  • Lithium Automotive Lubricant: Lithium Automotive Lubricant is a multi-purpose Lubricant that has anti-corrosive properties. It highly prevents the engine from rust and oxidation.
  • Calcium Sulfonate Automotive Lubricant: Calcium sulfonate is also a multi-purpose Automotive Lubricant that prevents automobiles from water. It is best for protecting marine machinery.
  • Polyurea Automotive Lubricant: Polyurea is an Automotive Lubricant that is known for its sealing property. It is thick in consistency, that’s why it is ideal for preventing wear and tear, especially for high temperatures wheel bearings.

We, one of the prominent Automotive Grease Manufacturers in India, follow industry norms strictly. We are here to deliver you premium quality at the given time frame, so what are you waiting for? Call us now or drop an email here.

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