Some Myths About Engine Oil

Some Myths About Engine Oil

Car Oil maintenance and preservation may be your highest obligation when it comes to your vehicle. But there are a variety of myths and misconceptions about automobile oil that have either permeated popular culture or that formerly were true but are no longer accurate. We, ADOLF7 Automotive Industries Private Limited, are renowned Engine Oil Manufacturers In India.

We bring this blog to burst those myths that are spreading in the world about Engine Oil. Here are some of the most popular engine oil myths and the truth about each of them.

  • Dark Oil Must Always Be Replaced: False. A dark hue does not necessarily mean that your oil is unclean or no longer functioning. In reality, once the additives intended to clean your engine begin to function, some oils quickly turn dark. However, unclean oil that is granular or grit needs to be replaced as soon as feasible.
  • There Is No Turning Back Once You Go Synthetic: This one is entirely gibberish, and we're not even sure how it got started. Although synthetic oil has undergone more chemical production than regular oil, switching between the two is quite common. Synthetic blend oils, which mix traditional and synthetic oils, are common.
  • Every Oil Additive Is The Same: False! Oil additives are designed with your engine in mind and can benefit it in various ways. Some oil additives are developed to keep the oil functioning in environments with high pressure and continuous use, such as racing engines. Others are made to extend the lifespan of older, higher-mileage cars by protecting seals.
  • Bulk Oil Is of Poorer Quality Than Oil in Bottles: One widespread misconception is that bulk oil is of inferior quality to that found in bottles. It is categorically untrue- if the oils have the same brand and formulation, they are the same.
  • Enhancers Boost Engine Performance: Without a doubt, additives can and can benefit your engine, but oil cannot, even with a unique formula, increase your engine's horsepower or increase your gas mileage. Take any statements relating to the performance of your car with a grain of salt.

These were some myths about engine oil. We, one of the eminent Bike Engine Oil Exporters And Suppliers In India, are here to deliver you the best engine oil. Show faith in us. We promise to keep it forever. Ping us now.

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